Smirnov Nestor Aleksandrovich
(11(23).12.1878 – March 1942)

Soviet zoologist, ichthyologist.
Born in Omsk. In 1900 he graduated from St. Petersburg University, in 1920-1923. was a professor of Azerbaijan, and in 1930-1938. Leningrad University.
Since 1900, Smirnov participated in research on the White, Barents, Caspian, Black and Far Eastern seas, and in 1932–1933  traveled around the world while working on the "Aleut" whaling fleet.
The main areas of research of Smirnov were questions of systematics, ecology, geographical distribution and fishing for marine mammals. He compiled determinants of pinnipeds and cetaceans of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics fauna; his works on the division of fish into biological groups, works on birds, and on land mammals of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia are also known. Smirnov first raised the question of the possibility of acclimatization in the USSR of muskrats.


Moika Embankment, house 112. N.A. Smirnov at the time of 1934

He died in Vologda.
Cape (Nestor Smirnov) in the Neupokoev Gulf on the east coast of the northern island of Novaya Zemlya. Called in 1928 by expedition of the Institute for the Study of the North.


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