Sokolov Alexey Petrovich


Surveyor, astronomer.

He was born in an officer's family, was raised and grew up in a Moscow orphanage.

At the age of 17 he received a specialty surveyor and for three years he worked as an assistant surveyor on the surveys of the general survey. In 1873 he entered the school, and in 1875 he graduated from the Konstantinovsky Land Survey Institute and was sent to Moscow University "for outstanding success", and graduated in 1879.

Over the next five years, Sokolov worked at the Konstantinovsky Surveying Institute, and from 1885 he was a professor at the St. Petersburg Forest Institute in the Department of Geodesy.  From 1890, his fruitful work begins at the Pulkovo Observatory, first as a senior astronomer, and since 1891 as a vice-director.

In 1905, Alexey Petrovich, for health reasons, quit his job at the observatory. He settled in Polotsk, Vitebsk province, for some time he taught mathematics in the local cadet corps, was in charge of the educational part in a private real school.

Sokolov monitored the swings of the Repsold swinging pendulums in Pulkovo, Warsaw, Bobruisk, Moscow, Samara and Orenburg. In 1893, he compared the normal measure of Russia with the international standard meter in the city of Sevres (France). Sokolov's observations on the transit instrument at the observatory gave valuable material for Pulkovo star catalogs.

The merits of Sokolov were awarded orders of St. Vladimir of 4 degrees, St. Anna of 2 degrees, St. Stanislav 2 degrees.

Mountain and glacier on the west coast of the Land of Cerkapp, the island of West Spitsbergen.


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