Salisbury Robert Arthur Talbot
(03.02. 1830-22.08. 1903)

One of the most influential political figures of Great Britain in the second half of the XIX century.
Born in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, he was educated at Eton and Oxford.
For the first time Salisbury entered the parliament from the Conservative Party in 1853 and devoted 50 years of life to political and diplomatic activity. He took an active part in solving major domestic and international social and political issues, was a member of several cabinet offices, was foreign minister and prime minister, repeatedly combining these posts, represented England in a number of international conferences. From 1869 he was president of the University of Oxford.

He died in Hatfield, where a monument was erected in front of the park gates. Buried in Westminster Abbey.


An island in the central part of the archipelago Franz Josef Land. Discovered in 1881 and named by the expedition of B. Lee-Smith.


Salisbury Island, Fisher Cape

(photo by N. M. Stolbov)

Salisbury Island, rocks Impregnable

(photo by N. M. Stolbov)


Isle at the western entrance to the Hudson Strait.


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