Sonklar  Karl Albrecht



Austrian geographer.

Born in Serbia, the city of Bela Crkva.

Visited in the years 1829-1832 mathematics school in the city of Caransebe, in which he later taught for some time.

During the years 1839-1848 Sonklar served as an infantry officer in Agram, Graz and Innsbruck. He used his time in Graz to study physics and chemistry at a local university, and from Innsbruck he made long journeys to the Alps. Together with Friedrich Simoni and Anton von Rutner, Sonklar is considered the pioneer of the Alps study.

From 1848 to 1857 he was the tutor of the Archduke Karl Victor and lived in the imperial residence in Schönbrunn. In subsequent years, teaching geography at the Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt, he traveled annually around the Alps.

In 1872, Soncklar with the rank of Major General resigned and settled in Innsbruck.

He died in Innsbruck.

A glacier in the northern part of the island of Galla in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. Discovered and explored during the first toboggan trip March 10-15, 1874 by an Austro-Hungarian expedition. Named by Y. Paier.


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