Sterlegov Dmitry Vasilyevich

Lieutenant, member of the Great Northern Expedition.
Descended from petty nobles. In 1721 he entered the Maritime Academy, after graduating he served seven years in Kronstadt and Revel.
In the navigation of 1734, Sterlegov as a sub-navigator was in the detachment D.L. Ovtsin, who examined the Ob lip. In the summer of 1738, he served as a navigator on the Ob-Postman bot, under the command of F.A. Minin, coming out of the mouth of the Yenisei, tried to circle Taimyr from the north. This attempt failed, and the bot only marginally advanced into the Kara Sea. In March – April 1740, an inventory of the western coast of Taimyr was carried out on dogs. In 1741, Sterlegov was promoted to warrant officer, and in 1742 he returned to Petersburg. In 1751, he was promoted to lieutenant, but a year later, for some unknown reason, he was demoted to a midshipman. Conflicted with Minin, demoted in 1749 for two years to sailors.
Cape on the shore of Khariton Laptev. In 1851, the maritime historian A. Sokolov called it the northernmost cape reached by D.V. Sterlegov. Subsequently, it turned out that Sterlegov had given an increased latitude to its extreme northern point, reaching only Cape Amenable, lying 25 km to the south. However, the name is preserved for the more northern cape.
Cape on Taimyr in Toll Bay north of Cape Mogilny. Named in 1919 by R. Amundsen.
The strait between the island of Pestsov and the Rybniy Peninsula in the skerries of Minin. In 1965 named by the hydrograph V.A. Troitsky.


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