Stodolsky Alexander Semenovich



Russian military sailor.

Until recently, information about Stodolsky was scarce and limited only to information about his service, placed in the General Maritime List.

Now, thanks to archival research of Vladimir ethnographer Nikolai Frolov, Stodolsky's biographical data has been significantly replenished.

Born in the family of a Suzdal nobleman Semyon Ignatievich Stodolsky, the estate of which included the village Latyryovo, the village Olykovo and the village Subbotino who were in the parish of the village of Staroye (Bolshoye) Borisovo. In 1809, the parents sent the boy to Petersburg to the Naval Cadet Corps. On the eve of the Patriotic War of 1812, the Cadet Stodolsky was promoted to midshipmen. He, like his friends, rushed into the ranks of the existing squadron, which blocked the coast of the Baltic Sea, but it was necessary to consolidate the theoretical skills acquired in practice. “In order to fight, gentlemen, one must be able to do it!” - the vice-admiral Pyotr Kondratievich Kartsov, an experienced sailor, the hero of Chesma, said the impatient midshipmen to the corps. The man is stern and dry in appearance, the admiral had an extremely kind heart and was just to selflessness. For the rest of his life, Stodolsky retained a sense of gratitude to his mentor and more than once in difficult days he recalled the good science received in the corps.

Upon graduation he sailed on various ships in the Baltic Sea, in 1820 he was promoted to lieutenant. In 1824–1826 on the ship of the Russian-American campaign "Elena" participated in the voyage around the world to Sitha Island, in 1831 under the command of his friend M.F. Reineke was engaged in the inventory of the shores of the White Sea.

Stodolsky differed in the fighting of the Russian fleet. In 1827 he participated in the famous Battle of Navarino, in 1828–1830. on the ship "Alexander Nevsky" was a member of the blockade of the Dardanelles, in 1837 he cruised on the Caspian Sea and Emba waters. The merits of Stodolsky were awarded with the Order of St. Vladimir, 4 degrees with bows, St. Stanislav 3 degrees, St. George 4 degrees.

In 1841, he was promoted to captain of the 1st rank, a year later he was appointed manager of shipbuilding expeditions of the Black Sea commissariat. In the same year, he resigned and settled with his cousins of the guard staff captains Vasily, Pavel and captain Yevgeny Fedorovich Stodolsky - the sons of the guard captain Fedor Ignatievich Stodolsky.

He died in Suzdal and was repentant in the now-destroyed Afanasyevskaya church in the center of the city. The grave of Stodolsky in the old Suzdal city cemetery has not been preserved. He was not married and left no offspring.

The island and the peninsula (Stadolsky) in Loginov Bay on the west coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named  in 1833 by P.K. Pakhtusov.


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