Stolichka Ferdinand


Czech Austrian botanist, zoologist, geologist, geodesist and paleontologist.
Born in Bilani, now part of Kromeriz in Moravia, Czech Republic.
For several years he was an employee of the Vienna Geological Institute, in 1862 he received an invitation from the Geological Survey of India in Calcutta to the position of an associate member. A number of his articles are devoted to the Cretaceous fossils of South India. At the same time, Stolichka published important works on zoology in the publications of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, of which he had been secretary since 1868.
In 1864 and 1865 Stolichka made a scientific journey to English Tibet, in 1873, as a geologist, he participated in the embassy in Kashgar, and then with Colonel Gordon and Trotter went to Chatyr-kul in Tien Shan, through the Pamir to Wakhan and back, but only reached Murgge on Shayok, near the passage to Ladakh.


In 1873, he made his last trip to the Himalayas. Stolichka fell ill and died in Murghi, Ladakh, on the bank of the Shayok River in Pakistan. The administration of Ladakh in Leh , India in 1876, established an obelisk in honor of the researcher, which has since become a place of pilgrimage for explorers of the Himalayas.


Born in Moravia 7th June 1838
Died at Moorgo 19th June 1874
while returning from Yarkund with the British
Mission to which he was attached as Naturalist.
Though young when he fell a sacrifice to duty,
he had already achieved eminence by his
researches into the geology and
natural history of India
is deeply regretted by the world of science
and by the government of india who
in recognition of his able and
honorable services, have
caused this monu-
ment to be


An island in the north of the American strait in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. Opened and named in 1874 by Yu. Payer.


Island Stolichka

(photo by N. M. Stolbov)


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