Strindberg Niels

(04.09.1872 October 1897)


Swedish photographer, one of the three members of the tragic Arctic expedition S.А. Andre in the balloon "Eagle" in 1897.

Strindberg was invited to the expedition to create photographs of the expedition. He filmed the process of a long heroic struggle of polar explorers for survival. When the remains of the expedition were discovered by an expedition on the ship “Bratvog” in 1930, among the things there were five open rolls of film, one of which was still in the chamber. Dr. John Herzberg from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm managed to save 93 of 240 frames. A selection of these photographs was published along with the diaries of the expedition, as “Med Örnen mot Polen” (the British edition of The Andre Diaries, 1931, the American edition of André's Story, 1932). The so-called “shorthand” diary of Strindberg from the expedition has the form of messages for his bride, Anna Charlier, and gives a more personal view of events than Andre’s diaries.

The bodies of Strindberg and his comrades were brought to Sweden, cremated and buried with great honors at the Norra begravningsplatsen cemetery in Stockholm.

Territory in East Greenland.

Mountain on the eastern side of the northern part of the Smerenburg fjord, Alberta I Land, the island of Western Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 79° 40'N    11º 00'E.


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