Sukhotsky Vladimir Iosifovich

Arctic hydrograph, honorary worker of the Navy.
Born in the Red Village of the Leningrad Region in a peasant family.
He studied at a rural school, a real school, in 1925 he graduated from the Leningrad Naval Hydrographic School, served as an assistant to the commander of a hydrographic vessel on the Black Sea, sailed as a senior officer on various vessels, was head of a separate Crimean lecture master. At the end of 1930, Sukhotsky was seconded to the Voroshilov Naval Academy, which he graduated in 1932 and continued service on the Black Sea as the head of the Hydrographic Navigator Department of Ubekochernaz. In 1936, Sukhotsky went to Leningrad to accept the "Zuyd" hydrographic vessel under construction, then he was appointed head of department I in the Hydrographic Department of the Red Army.
In 1938, he was unexpectedly fired into the reserve, and in June of the same year, he went to work at the he Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. From that moment on, his life was connected with the Arctic. He started as a senior engineer-hydrograph, in the pre-war years he led a training and production unit on Novaya Zemlya, who not only trained hydrograph personnel, but also carried out significant surveying work, was head of the navigation department of the enterprise, and in 1953 became head of the department. In 1961, he retired due to illness.
Sukhotsky educated a whole group of hydrographers, he himself repeatedly visited the Arctic. He was inherent in principles, initiative, high professionalism. The interests of the business have always been his personal interests.
He was awarded the Order of the Red Star, World War 1 and 2 degrees, the medal "For the Defense of the Soviet Arctic".
Died in Leningrad, buried in the Northern cemetery.
Strait between the Lishniy island  in the Gulf of Toll and the shore of Taimyr. Named in 1969 at the suggestion of N.M. Aleev Approved by the decision of the Dikson regional executive committee of March 20, 1972.



In the Pacific region operates the research vessel "Vladimir Sukhotsky".


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