Sulakov Georgiy Fedorovich


Polar captain

Born in Odessa. He graduated from the Kherson Nautical Technical School, sailed on vessels of fishing and merchant fleets, since 1933 he worked in the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route on the icebreaking ships “Malygin”, “Sadko”, vessels “Nerpa”, “Murmanets” and others.

In 1940, “For the excellent performance of the government's ice-reconnaissance mission during the withdrawal of the icebreaking steamer "Georgy Sedov" from the ice, the captain of the Murmanets boat-hunting bot Sudak Georgy Fedorovich was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

June 25, 1942 in the area of Belukha Island in the Kara Sea hosted the heroic battle of the icebreaking ship "Alexander Sibiryakov" which went down in history of the Great Patriotic War with the German cruiser "Admiral Scheer". After the contusion of Captain Anatoly Kacharava, the command was assumed by the assistant captain, Lieutenant Sulakov. An unequal battle ended with the death of the ship, the death and capture of part of the team. Sulakov was killed by a German projectile when he tried to put a smoke screen.

In 1988, the film Operation Wunderland” was released , in which the role of Georgy Sulakov was played by actor Rudolf Chelishchev.

Cape is the western entrance of the southern entrance to the Pondorf Strait between the islands of Champ and Salisbury in the Franz Josef Land Archipelago. The name was approved in 1963 by the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee.


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