Sulmenev Ivan Savich

Russian admiral.
In 1787, a year after entering the naval cadet corps, then in Kronstadt, he was promoted to midshipmen and assigned to the Ezekiel ship in the Baltic Sea. Already as a midshipman, in 1789, on the ship "Chesma" made the trip Copenhagen – Revel – Kronstadt. In the spring of 1789, he participated in combat operations against the Swedes.
In subsequent years, Sulmenev sailed on various ships, doing gauging and hydrographic research in the Baltic Sea, went to England, participated in joint military operations with England against Holland.
In 1809, already in the rank of captain 2 rank, he received the Order of St. George 4 degrees for 18 naval campaigns.
During the war of 1812 Sulmenev took part in the hostilities against the French. At the end of the war in 1814, his naval service, which lasted 28 years, ended. Then for 10 years with a one-year break he served in the Naval Cadet Corps, and then 26 years in the marine audience, rising to the position of chairman and the rank of full admiral. In subsequent years, the Order of St. Anne 2 degrees, St. Vladimir 2 degrees and the White Eagle were added to the Order of St. George.
Sulmenev was married to F.P. Litke, supporting him, left without parents, support and in many respects determining his sea destiny.

He was buried in the cemetery of the village of Big Kuzmin, near Tsarskoye Selo. During the war, the defense line of Leningrad passed through this cemetery, and the cemetery was actually demolished from the face of the earth. In one form or another, only a few pre-war tombstones survived, and among them, fortunately, Sulmenev’s tombstone. His place was indicated to me by a wonderful person, an enthusiast and a gratischer, a local historian, a necropolist Viktor Anatolyevich Panov. In 2014-2015 by him the gravestone was moved to the chapel fence and put on a cement pedestal.
Guba (North Sulmenev) on the west coast of the northern island of New Earth.V. Barents called it in 1594 Gagariya Bay. The modern name was given in 1822 by F.P. Litke.
Quba (South Sulmenev) in the south-west of the northern island of New Earth. Named in 1822 by F.P. Litke.


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