Test Bunya Isaakovna
(November 1907–1997)

Arctic geologist.
Born in the city of Novozybkov, Chernigov Province (now Smolensk region) in the family of a tradesman.
In 1927, Test entered the geological department of the Leningrad Mining Institute, which she graduated in 1931, receiving a diploma in petrograph engineer. From 1929, as a student, she began working in the petrographic office of the Geological Committee, and after graduating from the institute during 1932–1941. was a member of the All-Union Arctic Institute and the research department of the Mining and Geological Administration. The test took an active part in both cameral and field studies, in 1932 and 1934 was part of the expeditions working on Novaya Zemlya. Her research interests were the genesis and lithology of sedimentary and, to a greater extent, igneous and metamorphic rocks of various regions of the Soviet Arctic. The geographical range of its research is very wide: from the archipelago of Franz Josef Land to Yakutia.
The outbreak of war deprived her husband, Arctic geologist V.A. Kuklin, who died in besieged Leningrad, and the youngest daughter. In 1942, Test was evacuated with her two remaining children (Lev’s son, a famous Russian poet and novelist Lev Kuklin, daughter Irina) to the town of Velsk in the Arkhangelsk Region, where until 1946 she worked as a senior inspector at the Severo-Dvinsk labor camp.
After returning from evacuation, Test continued its geological activity in the same research department of the Mining and Geological Administration, which in 1948 was transformed into the Arctic Geological Research Institute. Despite a forced five-year break, she quickly regained her professional knowledge and gradually became one of the leading experts in petrography and petrology of igneous rocks.In 1951, Test defended her thesis as a candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences. Her research and production activities ended in 1964 due to retirement.
She died in Petersburg, buried in the columbarium of the city crematorium.
Cape in Mutafi Bay on the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named in 1934 by V.A. Kuklin.


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