Tolstoy Ivan Ivanovich

Numismatist and archaeologist, statesman.
Born in Petersburg, his father was Ivan Matveyevich Tolstoy, his son, Minister of Posts and Telegraphs, also Ivan Ivanovich Tolstoy, a famous Soviet philologist.
Educated at the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University. Being a very erudite and enlightened person, Tolstoy successfully combined scientific and social work with political activities. His works on archeology and numismatics, published both in Russia and abroad, are widely known. He was a member of the Imperial Archaeological Commission, the press secretary of the Imperial Academy of Arts, and since 1893 its vice-president. The contribution of Tolstoy to the drafting of the new charter of the Academy, its fundamental transformation, the foundation and organization of the Russian Museum is great. In the period 1885–1890 He was secretary of the Imperial Russian Archaeological Society, and since 1899 was the assistant of its chairman. In 1900, Tolstoy took over as chairman of the Russian Printing Society.
From November 1905 to April 1906, Tolstoy headed the Ministry of Public Education. In this time of troubles, he planned a number of indulgences for both students and teaching staff, opposed the introduction of a percentage rate for Jews. Unfortunately, he failed to realize his plans.
In 1912, Tolstoy failed in the elections to the State Duma, but soon he went to the St. Petersburg City Duma, becoming the city head of St. Petersburg.
In January 1916, he resigned due to a sharp deterioration in his health, and four months later he died on the estate of Countess Panina in Gaspra.
He was buried at Nikolsky cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in Petrograd. In 2008, at the expense of the Fund named after D.S. Likhachev, instead of the old destroyed tombstone, was installed a new one designed by the architect V.B. Bukhayev.
Cape is the southern entrance to Romanov Bay in Medvezhiy Bay on the Kara coast of Novaya Zemlya. Surveyed and named in 1901 by members of the expedition A.A. Borisov.
A small river on the Kara coast of the northern island of Novaya Zemlya, which flows into Bear Bay. Named in 1901 by members of the expedition A.A. Borisov.


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