Trevor-Batty Aubin

(17.07.1855 - 19/20.12.1922)  

British traveler, naturalist and writer.

Born in Hwever, Kent, where his father, Rev. William Wilberforce Batty, was rector.

After graduating from the Christian Church in Oxford, in 1887, Trevor-Batty traveled to North America and Europe, studied ornithology, engaged in hunting and fishing.

In 1894, he made an expedition to the Russian island of Kolguyev in the Barents Sea to study its natural history, especially birds, and topography. On the way back, he and his assistant made a long unplanned return through northern Russia.

In 1896, Trevor-Batti joined the expedition of William Martin Conway in Svalbard as a zoologist.

After a break from writing and editing reports, he resumed his travels and research into natural history. He traveled extensively in Europe, often collecting expeditions or visiting zoological gardens. He made two visits to South Africa (1905 and 1910), twice visited Crete, in 1914 traveled to India, Nepal and Sikkim in company with Henry John Elves.

After World War I, Trevor-Batty resumed work on books about his trips, but due to the deterioration of his health he moved to the Canary Islands. Trevor-Batty has published four of his own books and a chapter in a report on the expedition to Svalbard, more than 20 articles in scientific journals, mainly on ornithology, edited some of the works of his friend Lord Lilford, wrote short stories and popular-science articles.

He died in Las Palmas. Buried in the English Cemetery.

Glacier between Dickson Fjord and Veide Fjord on Dixon Land, the island of Western Spitsbergen.


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